ZAIN ® Web.Design.Services Company is a company built by trust within a group of developers who basically loves developing software with unlimited creative design possiblities. Our young company is based in the Philippines and we are composed of young & dynamic techies with passion to developing effective and elegant apllications for the web, local infrastructure, +innovative +creative designs

… As we explore the unlimited digital solutions that we could offer. With this attitude, Our company is constantly growing and being trusted by our clients in all the services that we provide. Our Digital Presence ~

What we do



We Design.Create. INNOVATE Your Website, 100% Up and Running

From layout, to function and according to our client’s specifications, we create visually appealing web sites that are user-friendly, minimalistic in design and optimized.



Custom Web Hosting as per client needs 🙂

Our packaged hosting plans and packages are your best money savers! we allow all our clients to use the full potential of our cpanel hosting functionalities.

Why Choose Us?

Our team is composed of highly educated and well-trained specialists in our respective fields and with relatively low wage standards in our country, we are able to reach an impressive quality/cost trade-off and we stay competitive on the global market.
Our existing clients are worldwide 🙂 from all corners of the world, like: Germany, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Dubai UAE, Sinagapore and from our native Philippines.

Reliability, Speed and Security
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Responsive Design
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Easy Knowledge Base
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Free Web Tools & Applications
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24/7 Award Winning Support
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Free Updates Lifetime
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Our past ~ How we eventually became ZAIN WDS

The core team is initially a trio – Pedro Bamb & Larksh. It all began when the adventurous trio met again after 10 years of being the best and the brightest in our respective fields of interests. The meet ~ unlocked all our dreams to form a company that will basically develop software and be one the world’s best in the ever challenging software development market. 15 years ago, we could recall skipping our college classes for a whole day of playing the crazed “PACMAN” game on a table laid video game machine. We wondered during those times on how it will soon change the world as it is today.
Today, We are a growing family and we have moved to develop local software applications , web applications and other custom applications for different companies. Forging ahead, we are specializing now in branding solutions that helps medium to large companies in their marketing solutions as part of our warm relationships with our clients. Our Business is booming in a point that we have outgrown our humble beginnings as early as 2 years in the market. We are now an agile, creative, solid and a dynamic team of graphic artists, programmers, support specialists and business professionals located in a “dev room” of unlimited possibilities.
As we grow on, We are most welcome to accomodate anyone on your inquiries about how our company can provide our professional services with you. A Cocoon to a Beautiful butterfly ~ Unleash the beauty and fullness of Life
All the best!

Managing Director
ZAIN Web.Design.Services Company
Mandaluyong City, Philippines.


We Love what we do as a hobby and we are very passionate about it!

We Develop websites, systems and even stand-alone systems, and that is basically it:) It is something that we love to do all the time and we put passion in doing it that we eventually help a lot of organizations, companies, medium to large size corporations to enjoy our professional services.

ZAIN WDS handles all the CMS based website developement. Should you need custom development and further dynamic applications, Our Sister Company TECHOZAIN SERVICES INC can handle it and we just pass it on.

SPLOKOK Business Analyst

Developing technical solutions to business problems, or to advance a company's sales efforts, begins with defining, analyzing and documenting requirements.

Ellah Web project manager

coordinates and communicates the day-to-day tactical implementation of the web site project, acting within the constraints of the project charters…

Greysha Information architect

organizes and categorizes web site structure and content. The information architect is most active early in the design and planning…

POLDOMAT Art director

Responsible the overall look and feel for the web site, establishing the site typography, visual interface design, color palette standards,…

YSN Web technology lead

web publishing environments, development languages and web development frameworks, web database options, and network technology. The technology lead acts as…

Osnub Site editor

Handles the overall responsibility for the written content and editorial quality of the finished site. He or she creates the…

Ziom Android Developer

All innovative and Custom mobile applications developer for devices running the Android operating system.

Gretoz Front End WEB Developer

Font End web developer HTML, CSS and JavaScript for a website or Web Application